Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

What is Empowerment


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The term ’empowerment’ simply means ‘becoming powerful’. When you become empowered you will not give away your power or allow others to dis-empower you .

Empowerment is taking time to enhance your personal growth and developing a sense of personal fulfilment. Empowerment is the process of accepting yourself as a unique individual. Using self-awareness to gain a deeper understanding of your own character and embracing not only positive strengths but also accepting your limitations and negative traits which may of held you back. This level of self-awareness helps you to make decisions and, learn from past experiences which allows you to develop coping skills that build on your positive qualities

Empowerment is a process of enhancing the capacity of an individual or group to give them the support and the power to make decisions and life choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes by increasing the spiritual, economic, social strength of that person or group. Empowerment means to gain knowledge and understanding. Empowerment is also about having respect for other people and the acceptance that we are all unique and have our own beliefs and values and that we all want different things in life

Empowerment is the ability to know yourself and the development of self-belief .It’s about taking time to discover your true abilities. . Self-awareness leads to a deeper understanding of your own character, personality and behaviours and learning why you respond in the ways you do and developing healthy ways of responding to your own needs. By becoming empowered we take control of our own life and adjusting our behaviour in order to achieve our goals.

Empowerment is about developing confidence and self-esteem and recognising your strengths and weaknesses knowing your own limitations and developing a set of skills that can be used in everyday situations so that you can be better equipped to deal with problems that may arise and developing ways to achieve goals and follow your dreams .
By developing self –confidence and assertiveness skills we can learn skills that encourage self-trust and develop our sense of trust in others .We learn to set healthy boundaries and develop healthy relationships .By Becoming Empowered we learn to appreciate ourselves .We take the time to reflect on our own personal values, skills and life goals and embrace our strengths and gifts .We develop a sense of inner dignity. We learn what we can offer the world – and the path that we will follow to achieve our dreams

Empowerment means to gain the knowledge and understanding that will enable us to use our gifts and talents and to overcome our challenges through the use of information and resources .It could be the process of learning new skills, attending training courses or simply sharing knowledge with others through conversation .Having this new level of understanding allows you to develop a vison of what you want your life to be and allows you to move forwards with confidence and a feeling of purpose

Once you become empowered you realise that you have a right to have your voice heard and you have a right to let your inner light shine not matter what your challenges It allows you to speak out and helps overcome stigma and change other’s perceptions by sharing your individual perspective and experiences .Becoming empowered allows you to make a commitment to yourself a commitment that states;

“I choose to be personally responsible for my life and the choices I make .I have the power to change my life and to live it in a way that supports my well-being ”

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