Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

38% of disabled young people feel lonely most days (Sense, 2016). It almost rolls off the tongue, ‘lonely most days’ as a glib, catch-all phase. But if we properly listen to disabled young people, we will become aware of a very stark situation that needs urgent action.


In evaluative research, C.A.R.P. Collaborations has been working with disabled young people who use the Building Bridges project, a community connecting and transition service, in Monmouthshire. These young people have explained exactly what ‘lonely most days’ actually means; through reflection on what life is like now, since they have had support to maintain friendships: ‘I was existing, but now I’m living.’ Having friends means that ‘I’m not alone now. I felt incredibly alone. I started suffering from OCD, anxiety and I had my learning difficulty and I was all alone.’ And loneliness often brings low self-esteem with it: ‘Since joining Building Bridges I realised I was not so bad’.


Date For Your Diary

Two of the founders of  The Autistic Womens Empowerment Project Willow and  Helen will be presenting at this event .

We will presenting on the challenges faced by Autistic girls and women across the life span but more importantly we will be presenting on all our recent achievements to show the positive outcomes that can be achieved when we come together as a community and the benefits of self awareness ,self acceptance and self -advocacy .and using a strengths based approach .

We’ve come along way in the last two years .

If anyone has a few free hours on Saturday .Please come along and support us .

The Event is free but you do have to book a place .


” Bangor University School of Lifelong Learning in partnership with the Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales will be hosting an International Women’s Day event on Saturday 4th March.


This is a day to celebrate but also to challenge, give voice to and organise around the issues women are facing.

The key speakers are grass roots women, all current or past students in Lifelong Learning, each with barriers to face, learning to undertake and challenges to surmount.

Theirs are stories of the everyday lives of women who rise-up and challenge and change the world, who show what can be achieved through learning, working together, marching together in myriad “different ways. ”

The politics are women’s politics!

Book Here

Becoming a Commuunity

The Autistic Womens Empowerment Project  was  founded in Jan 2014 .it seems so long ago now .Since then we have been connecting with women across the UK and have learnt so much


We are based in North Wales and have developed a local network of women who have a diagnosis or are waiting for a assessment of an Autism Spectrum or related neurodevelopmental condition or social and communication challenges  and also the  mothers  of girls diagnosed or  awaiting assessment .

As a network we are very aware of how difficult it can be to access a diagnosis and just how stressful the process can be and so  have developed a network that can help support women and girls .We support each other as  a community and  are able to signpost to further support across the North Wales region .

This year we would like to also beginning  growing our  online network as our project is very focused on developing an online system of support by increasing our digital reach

We are asking for submissions of blogs or articles that will be of interest to our networks members .We are especially interested in pieces written by Autistic females here in the UK

Please also contact us if you would like us to place a link to your blog  on our website

If you would like to submit a piece please email to theaweprojectwales@gmail.com



“Empowering AS I Am “



Picture from today’s awesome ‘Empowering AS I Am’ event, hosted by Creatasmile, Denbigh Men’s Shed  and the Autistic Women’s Empowerment Project

Big thank you to everyone who came and contributed.,,sharing their experiences and views of how we can all come together as a community to improve the well-being of the autistic and neurodivergent community and their families across North Wales .

We look forward to further events in the New Year and developing the She Shed !!

Autistic Females in Wales


Autistic females have been discussed in The House of Lords . We now need to get Welsh Government to listen

The AWE Project will be presenting on female autism at the next Welsh Cross Party Autism Group in December and we are currently collating a report  to send to Welsh Government .

If you are a female diagnosed or seeking diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum condition or the mother of a girl diagnosed or awaiting assessments and you live in Wales and would like to share your experiences .We would like to hear from you .

We can be contacted at


or you can reach us through our Facebook page


At a meeting hosted by Baroness Sheila Hollins in the House of Lords on Tuesday, the Autism Spectrum Condition and Girls Forum, raised concerns that those living without appropriate support are at significant risk from mental health conditions, exclusions from school and exploitation. They called on policy makers to find ways to address the historic inequality between boys and girls with autism, through stimulating new research, updating national guidance on autism and revising training given to teachers and head teachers.

Source: Help the thousands of ‘lost girls’ with autism, experts tell peers – The i newspaper online iNews


UN Report on disability

Using laws and policies to include people with disabilities

Every year the Special Rapporteur writes reports for the United Nations about rights and people with disabilities. The Special Rapporteur is Catalina Devandas-Aguilar. She helps countries understand what they need to do to make sure people with disabilities get their rights.

EasyRead version of: Report of the Special Rapporteur
on the rights of persons with disabilities.