Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

Autism Magazines

Aspergers United 

A magazine written by and for people with Aspergers Syndrome .It is currently free to people with Asperger Syndrome

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Your Autism Magazine 

your Autism Magazine

Your Autism Magazine is our award-winning quarterly members’ magazine about autism.

Full of news, reviews, advice and personal stories, as well as special offers  Your Autism Magazine is a great way to find out what’s going on in the autism community. It is designed to be of interest to everyone, whether they are  on the spectrum, support someone with autism or simply want to find out more about autism.

All  members of the NAS receive the magazine free as part of their membership.

The cost of joining the NAS is £18 if you earn a wage or £6.00 for those who do not

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Autism Eye 

autism eye

Autism Eye is edited by Gillian Loughran and its publisher is Gillian’s husband, Mark Hayes. Not only are they both award-winning magazine editors and writers with years of experience in the UK publishing business, but they are also the parents of Finn, their beloved son, who has autism.

Autism Eye aims to change that scenario by keeping parents informed about the best treatments for their child – and to help them avoid the worst.

We are entirely independent. What we write about will be 100 per cent unbiased. There is no influence from advertisers over which treatments we write about.

Digital Edition is free or a subscription for the print version is £20 for the quarterly magazine

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Autism Aspergers Digest

AS Digest

The Autism Asperger’s Digest, a division of Future Horizons, Inc. was created to meet the needs of teachers, therapists, and family members who face the challenge of autism. They believe that every child and adult with autism can improve and contribute to the lives of those who love them and, in many ways, contribute to society.

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Autism Parenting Magazine

autism Parenting

Autism Parenting Magazine was established in 2012.

There  goal is to improve the quality of lives of children as well parents.

Their  publications aim to be objective in their approach to Autism related developments, treatments and news stories including a variety of real-life stories to help parents make the most informed decisions pertaining to their individual children, as well as, trying to remain open-minded to therapeutic and treatment options.

Featuring articles from medical professionals, coaches, occupational therapists, parents of children on the spectrum and adults on the spectrum.

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