Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

Raising Awareness of Female Autism


Many of the women we connect with have been living with challenges for many years due to society’s misunderstanding of Autism .Many have never been able to get a diagnosis or any help .

Often they have had social and communication difficulties all there life but have never been able to get recognition of their difficulties and even fewer have been able to access support .

Here at the Autistic Womens Empowerment Project we are determined to raise awareness of the difficulties that these women face  .Our over riding aim is to share knowledge and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and to provide links to treatment providers who are specialised in providing diagnosis and treatment to women on the spectrum .

We also intend to break down the stigma and the common misconception that only boys are Autistic  .

Many people have a negative view of Autism they fail to see that been Autistic has any advantages .Could that be because we live in a world filled with negativity .There is no balance. Often the views we hear are those of neuro -typical individuals who believe they know what is best for us ,surely as Autistic Individuals we are best placed to know what is best for us .

Many Autistic Women have life  histories that are  complex but its not rocket science.Despite our Autism we are all unique and so many are weighed down by the stigma and stereotyped views that others have of them .Just the mere fact that we have  survived so much in life is testimony to our hidden strengths .

Treatment providers who understand the complexities of Autism can make a big difference to the healing process”.Many women on the spectrum are misdiagnosed and go through life with labels that weigh them down .Some have many different mental health labels  which they have collected on the road the correct understanding and this can just leave them feeling stigmatised and unworthy of good treatment .Many of the women we connect with had to deal with bullying throughout the childhood and in some case right through their lifes .

The AWE Project have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and all other forms of abuse .It is completely unacceptable The AWE Project will protest against cruelty and abuse because when they exist there can be no equality and it is our  overriding belief that we are all created equal .. Until the inequalities are stopped and we become a balanced world all the abuse ,mistreatment and discrimination  will continue .All we can do is help to pick up the pieces afterwards and try and protect the victims .

It is empathy and compassion that this world is lacking and this includes many Doctors and service providers .They are so busy that they have lost the empathy they need to truly understand people and their needs ,Many people are starting to wake up and see the world as it really is and at last people are beginning to use their voices.

Our founders all know what it is like to spend your life  hiding who you really are and feeling that you need to  lock your  voice away .

This is the reason that we  hope to act as a Voice for Autistic Women and Girls

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