Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

Our Peer to Peer Support Services


Autistic Women’s Empowerment Project Provides the Following Services 

Local Social Support and Friendship Group (North Wales )

Peer To Peer Online Empowerment Group

Provide Education via Our Website

Raise Awareness through Social Media ,Poster Campaigns and Talks in the Community

Our projects values are  firmly based in the philosophy’s of Peer Support  and Inclusion .

We believe that we as Autistic adults should have full choice over the decisions we make in our lifes .Those of us who offer support are able to ask advice from an autism professional but we are also able to give that professional advice as well .We believe that there should be Nothing About Us Without Us If we are listened to and come together to empower our next generation of spectrum girls ,we will spread the word quickly and start to see a change .

About Peer to Peer Support

There is no where near enough easily available support .Professionals are overwhelmed by the amount of women and girls that need help and support .

Funds are low and waiting lists are long .

Often all someone needs is just to know that there are not alone and that other people understand the difficulties they have experienced .

This is where Peer to Peer support comes in

Our Pilot group has started  in Conwy County ,Wales and we are hoping to run  further groups in neighboring county’s

Our groups are not therapy ,We meet up as a friendship circle and plan to have a number of satellite groups ,where women and girls on the spectrum can develop a circle of support and follow their interests .

We will also be planning trips out and all sorts of activity’s that are developed with Autistic Women and girls in mind

Why Peer to Peer Support

Some of us are lucky and able to access really good professionals who have a good knowledge of Autism and its affect. Sadly many people access Doctors and professionals who have little knowledge in relation to AS.

The professionals that have taken the time to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding work with compassion and empathy and their work should never be underestimated .Many of them work in private practice which is fine ,but paying for private consultations is beyond the reach of many people who need help and support .

So instead those of us who are unable to access correct treatment and support reach out to like-minded individuals Those that are similar to us and have experienced the same difficulty’s . Those who know what it’s like to deal with the world’s rejection .Those who understand just how much of a challenge performing everyday tasks can be .

Peers are far more compassionate and understanding .

They relate to the complexities of Autism and the emotional pain that we are forced to carry because of society’s misunderstanding of Autism and Social and Communication difficultys  .

When you connect with your peers you know that they understand the fact that we are wired differently .They understand the processing difficulty’s and many have had first-hand experience of the misunderstanding and poor treatment that many of us have lived with all our life’s .

When working together with peers you know you are with your own kind .You focus on each other’s similarities not your differences .There is an unspoken understanding of what it is like to live with constant challenges .

Dealing with a Peer Supporter removes that feeling of judgement, and allows for a more open dialogue .


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