Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

Our Mission Statement

Autistic Women’s Empowerment Mission Statement

It is our mission to empower Autistic women and girls by developing a network of Autistic women and girls across the UK and to provide peer support through our website, social media and local networks

We work in a person-centred way which treats everyone as a unique individual with a unique set of challenges. We aim give them the support and advice that they need to make choices in their life. Our network hopes to provide positive mentors and opportunities for our members to embrace their uniqueness and individual strengths.

Our Aims

  • To raise awareness and develop better understanding of female autism amongst GPs, in schools, within families and society as a whole. To raise awareness of the issues that autistic women face and to support the campaign for a better diagnostics system and better services for autistic adults.
  • To raise awareness through social media and exhibitions and awareness talks. Holds workshops, presentations and events to act as a platform to share the diversity, skills and talents of our members
  • To campaign for the rights of women and girls and for better services for autistic people throughout their life
  • To raise awareness of the issues and challenges facing the 21st century female to remove the stigma of developmental conditions, chronic ill health and trauma related conditions.
  • To develop a knowledge bank which provides information for girls and women that can. Improve the quality of life of all girls and women on the autistic spectrum including articles on health and emotional good being
  • To provide access to information in a clear and easy to read format.
  • To provide a safe area for individuals to be able to express their opinions and views.
  • To provide support and understanding to individuals in crisis.
  • To act as a platform to share the diversity, skills and talents of the autistic woman
  • To run and maintain a website which provides information and links
  • To provide information and empowerment days
  • To raise funds through fundraising activity and advertising revenue.
  • To develop a network of service providers and to provide a gateway to services
  • To develop local friendship and social support groups providing opportunities for social involvement in an understanding and safe environment
  • To develop a network of autistic women across wales
  • To act as advisors to those who provide services on the experiences of autistic people their challenges and their strengths

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