Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

How Can I Help

How Can You Support Our Work

together in adversity

We want women from all parts of the spectrum to come together and form a knowledge bank for our children and grandchildren that are on the spectrum .

To empower them to embrace their uniqueness and their unique talents and gifts .

We are not our weaknesses ,We are our strengths

Our over riding aims are to empower and to pass the lessons we have learnt from our challenges

Donate to our Cause

Services for adults are limited and the services for Autistic Females are even fewer .We need people to donate to our cause to help us develop support services that can lessen the impact that Autism causes .

Current Donations are being used to purchase items for our Women and Girls Groups


By sponsoring us you will be helping AWE to work closely in the community

Providing a service which educates Schools and Education Providers and GPs and health providers ,so that they can make improvements in health and education provision as well as giving Autistic Women a greater say in their own futures.

Help make a difference by sponsoring us today.

Your sponsorship makes a huge difference to The AWE Project and by sponsoring us,your company logo will take pride of place on our sponsorship wall so that other companies and organisations can see the generosity of your organisation .

Sponsorship is not all about cash payments it can take many forms including

Providing a Rent Free Room to us to hold Events

Printing Brochures ,Posters and Leaflets for The AWE project

Donating equipment or stationary to help us run our office plus much more

No matter how large or small the sponsorship, you can be assured it is valued and will be used to directly help women and girls with Autism

If you would like to get in touch with us about sponsorship, please contact us via email at


Or you can find us on Facebook

Autistic Womens Empowerment Project

Sponsor an Event

We arrange fundraising and educational events .If you would like to sponsor an event please contact us

Spread the Word

Download one of our posters and place it in your local community .


Like us on Facebook and share our posts

Join  us on Facebook

Autistic Womens Empowerment Project

Advertise with Us

Do you provide a service that would be of use to Autistic Women or Girls

Have you written a book that would help empower Autistic Women and Girls

Do you provide counselling or therapy ,workshops or seminars

Are you an Autistic Artist ,Musician ,Photographer or Poet

We provide a low cost way of advertising your services or promoting your goods to the Autism Community

Contact us to receive details of our Advertising Scheme.

Reduced Rates for Members

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