Empowering Autistic Girls and Women

An Autistic Woman


I have always felt that I only have one foot in this world and that I am different to others .

I have tried so many times to fit in and connect with others but I always end up feeling like a square peg in a round hole .

I can’t fit in and it is not like I haven’t tried, maybe I’m not here to fit into a box may be I am here to standout.

I don’t want to change, I want people to accept my uniqueness I don’t want to change my Autism or heal it I want to embrace my autism and accept that this is a part of the  unique profile that makes me who I am . The medical profession keeps trying to heal me, but I am not going to heal this is me this is how I developed I was an autistic child  and now I am an autistic woman .I have had difficulties all my life but no one ever listened to me or gave me the opportunity to describe my difficulties.

Those that I did make contact with asked the wrong questions. You have to ask me the right questions or otherwise you will not get the right answers and you have to give me time to make sense of what you asked me, my brain does not work quick enough to provide an immediate answer or even worse and more common in my experience is that my brain will provide many different answers to your question and I have to work out which one to say .

It has taken me many years to receive a correct diagnosis . I have been misdiagnosed as have many women.I have so many labels . Please give me my true identity -AS I AM .an autistic woman who has been mis-understood and mistreated all her life . People will understand me so much more by replacing all those labels with one big one which can be used as a signpost.
Instead of getting help and support throughout my life I just had to live with it and survive the best way I could which has led to many dysfunctional behaviors .However by receiving a diagnosis I can gain strength and final acceptance of who I am and use  that to give strength to others.My diagnosis has allowed me to reach out for the support of like-minded people. and it is that which has helped me far more than any therapy .

By receiving a diagnosis I will not only be getting help for myself It is my hope that by educating myself on all aspects of Autism and developmental difficultys that I will develop  understanding for future generations.

My life will now be Autistic and sensory  friendly and this means educating those who look after my healthcare etc  and developing self awareness and acceptance

Let the Empowerment Process Begin



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